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Rahmenanker Typ RA-P


Window screws are used to fix windows and door frames. Especially recommendable: the burglar-resistant and fall-preventive EJOT frame anchor: In the past 20 years, millions of windows and doors were installed reliably and damage-free with the EJOT frame anchor. Robust and straightforward processing are the reasons it is the Number 1 choice for window installers - pre-drilling, tightening, done! For difficult installation situations EJOT recommends facade anchors with European Technical Approval (ETA), tested and approved in many versions and substrates.

EJOT frame anchors are particularly suitable for direct fastening without anchors in virtually all substrates. With four different head styles, they allow an efficient spaced fixing of windows and doors.Thanks to the optimized thread geometry, you can easily turn the EJOT frame anchor into high-strength building materials.

For the use in plastic windows, EJOT frame anchors have been tested in the category RC2 and are thus characterized by an increased protection against burglary. EJOT frame anchors - the perfect solution for direct fastening without anchors of plastic and wooden windows in masonry and concrete.



玻璃建筑是现代建筑的大趋势。代表性的玻璃幕墙以其透明和轻盈的特点使得玻璃占据了世界主要城市的天际线。EJOT PT®型DG类螺钉是适用于玻璃幕墙中T型构件和压板的紧固,为该类铝型材的最佳紧固提供了独特的解决方案。



对于现代窗户生产线中的工艺和装配,毅结特只提供卷装式自攻自钻窗口螺钉。EJOMAT高质量螺钉,在自动紧固过程中,可以实现无问题的装配,达到最大的经济效率。根据精度等级,可以达到10 ppm的质量(百万分之一,每1000000个零件的缺陷数量量)。