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Corporate Carbon Footprint

Since 2013 we have been compiling an operational greenhouse gas balance sheet according to the international standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The EJOT Corporate Carbon Footprint Report, CCF Report for short, focuses on significant and influenceable emission sources of the EJOT group. This means that all relevant environmental data are presented transparently and unambiguously in this report.
To monitor our efficiency in reducing greenhouse gases we watch the rate of CO2 discharge for the amount produced as well.
The CCF Report serves to transparently reflect our economic and ecological performance. . We want to reinforce our interested parties' trust in our company (link to our stakeholder evaluation) by actively communicating strengths and weaknesses. 
By reporting according to the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines we expose our environmental performance and in doing so allow comparison to other companies. 
As a company that is growing on a global scale there are both strengths and weaknesses at every site, which we need to work on. Greenhouse gas balancing also reveals fields of action (link to our relevant internal/external issues) that EJOT has to look at more intensively in the future.
We also aspire to continuously improve the availability of our data for the CCF Report. For instance, we included our international production sites in the 2017 CCF Report for the first time too. This creates transparency and trust among our interested parties.

Our interested parties

Our employees, customers, suppliers and also the state and society rank among the most important interested parties. Motivated and happy employees can push the company forward with ideas of their own. They are directly involved in value creation for the company. Regular professional training increases our employees' expertise. 
EJOT is a family business.
Sense of family is an important part of our corporate culture. We want our employees to be able to balance work and family.
Our innovative products and adherence to specific requirements make our customers another relevant stakeholder group.  

EJOT accepts only select and proven suppliers. This is ensured through supplier audits and declarations. Our EJOT Compliance policy is the basis for a successful business relationship.

Noncompliance with ancillary conditions or legal requirements can have direct repercussions on the company. Expectations on the part of the state and society (e.g. public authorities) are high, since compliance with legal issues has to be satisfied and protection of the environment has a high social acceptance. That is why EJOT acts in close concert with public authorities. Risks, but opportunities too, are identified and assessed early on by internal monitoring.